girl with mud

Rémy Laure Skin Care

The Rémy Laure range of French beauty products introduced over 35 years ago was originally derived from a 100% natural bio-mineral called 'Le Moor' (the Black Mask). The therapeutic properties of 'Le Moor' have been known and used for more than 2,000 years prior to its introduction into the world of beauty by Rémy Laure.

Rémy Laure's expertise of 'Moortherapy' (beauty treatments with muds: Alpine, Canadian and thermal etc) produced the original mineral/mud based range and has since expanded and developed using ongoing scientific/cosmetic development in conjunction with the purest of ingredients. It is now an ultra comprehensive high quality range of natural products for the face, body and all skin types.

The range does not contain any damaging chemicals, artificial perfumes, or synthetic colours, nor are any products tested on animals. The result is a range of salon products for face and body treatments providing highly satisfying and effective results, backed up by a wide choice of retail products for ongoing home use and benefit.

Rémy Laure's innovation and expertise combine ancient 'Moortherapy' with 21st Century technology to enhance your skin and well being, so ensuring naturally fabulous results.