Revitalising Range

A range of creams and serums based on vitamins A, C and E.

Especially for more mature skins.

Revitalising Range

CR-23 Cream

Based on the principles of the island of Crete's food regime (life expectancy in Crete is the longest in the world), its 23 active ingredients include a variety of rich oils, fruits, plant extracts, milk proteins and micro collagen.

It has a unique soothing texture and helps revitalise the skin.

CR-23 Cream

Privilege 4 Cream

It is nourishing and revitalising, light in texture, multi functional: helps to repair young skin when used as a night cream and an appropriate day cream for mature skin.

With extracts of: borage, jojoba, carrot, wheat germ and liposomes.

Privilege 4 Cream

Beauty Booster Cream (Vitamin C)

It is an energising cream with UVA and UVB filters, also containing vitamins A, C and E, for all skin types and ages.

Ideal for winter use or for tired skins (effects of travelling, jet lag) as it stimulates and helps prevent the free radicals' negative effects. A real "boost"!

Beauty Booster Cream

Lifting Serum (Vitamin C)

Non oily lifting and smoothing with immediate energising effects. Containing vitamins A, C, E and F it gives the skin a satin-like feel, it can also help slow down the formation of pigmentation spots.

An ideal skin regime when combined with the Beauty Booster Cream.

Lifting Serum

Rejuvenyl Ampoules

100% natural fluid containing mineral extracts / essential oils: rosemary, hamamelis, geramium, sage, parsley, sandalwood, centella asiatica.

Suitable for all skin types, it helps stimulate, purify, and detoxify to give a younger look. Use in the morning or evening, can be applied before your usual cream.

Rejuvenyl Ampoules

Retinol Beauty Pearls

Retinol (stabilised vitamin A) pearls help stimulate and firm mature skin, it has a long term anti-ageing effect, leaving a smooth and toned skin. Ideal for use in winter, apply 1 capsule at night for at least 3 months under your usual cream to achieve a lifting effect.

Retinol Beauty Pearls

Brightening Range

For all skin types, this range is formulated to counter melanin skin disorders (pigmentation dark spots, freckles, pigmentation of scars, deep sunburn and ageing brown spots), and all these products contain a 100% vegetal complex of plant extracts (mulberry, saxifrage, scutelleria, grape) acting in synergy for an optimum whitening (brightening) effect.

Brightening Range

Brightening Cleansing Foam

For all skin types, this foam helps remove impurities without disturbing the skin's natural pH.

Cleansing Foam

Brightening Mask

Recommended as a perfect complement to enhance your brightening programme.

Its highly effective melanin inhibitor complex (based on botanicals) helps return your skin to its fairest and most translucent look.

Can also be applies to the hands.

Brightening Mask

Brightening Day Cream

Light texture cream containing a natural brightening complex, ingredients include coconut oil, shea butter and natural sugars.

This day cream (also suitable for sensitive skin) acts as an excellent base for make-up. Enriched with sun filters and hydrating agents it helps lighten your complexion and restore a flawless radiance.

Brightening Day Cream

Brightening Serum

The perfect complement to the Brightening Day Cream, its special formula is highly concentrated, again it is enriched with sun filters.

It is a clarifying complex giving excellent results after approx 2 months, as long as the skin has been protected with sun cream.

Brightening Serum

Brightening Essence

It is 'the key' to the Brightening Range containing the highest concentration of active whitening complex.

It should be applied directly and specifically to any dark spots and areas of skin discolouration under your moisturiser.

Brightening Essence

New Replumping Range

These new additions to the Revitalising Range especially for more mature skins are designed to slow down the effects of ageing and give the skin a younger appearance through a ‘replumping’ action thanks to the well known anti ageing Lipopeptide ingredient. Peptide technology helps to boost the skin’s collagen to deliver firmer, plumper skin within weeks. Other common ingredients of the new range include: Retinol (stabilised vitamin: A helps stimulate long term production of collagen) Hyaluronic acid (high water retention power), marine collagen (moisturising and improves skin’s elasticity).

new range

Tensor Day Gel

This fresh energising gel provides immediate action (smoothing and hydrating). Its micro-lifting action is immediate on the skin’s surface to give a relaxed and fresh look. It also acts long term to restructure the skin, thanks to new active ingredients which include Ginseng known as ‘the root of life’ (stimulating, and anti stress properties), Peptidies (hydrating and firming) Retinol (stabilised vitamin A helps stimulate long term production of collagen) and fern extract (helps to diminish small wrinkles).

New Tensor Day Gel

Repulping Night Cream

This rich cream is silky with a lovely smooth texture formulated with the latest innovating active ingredients: Peptides, Hyaluronic acid, Retinol and Cinnamon (provides strong stimulating and anti ageing action. The cream helps boost the cellular renewal process weakened by age. Even after few days, the skin is redefined and ‘replumped’.

New Repulping Night Cream

Lip Contour Cream – for fuller plumper lips

Non-oily with dermo-relaxing effect it refines and smoothes fine lines around the lips. Containing Peptides (hydrating and firming), the skin is awakened and you are left with fuller plumper lips. Also ideal under make up: provides longer lasting lipstick hold.

New Lip Contour Cream

Eye Contour Smoothing Cream

This smoothing gel-cream is formulated to reduce fine lines, puffiness and shadows around the eyes. Containing Peptides (hydrating, firming and anti ageing) , it helps decongests blood circulation responsible for dark circles and pouches under the eyes. It also prevents skin ageing and improves hydration. Used twice a day, the results on small wrinkles can be quickly seen. The very fine skin of the eye contour is left fresh and younger-looking.

New Eye Contour Smoothing Cream

Local Line Masker

This product is specifically designed to help reduce individual lines / wrinkles. It provides a fresh look to tired skin with a long-lasting action. Containing vitamin E (anti oxidant), optical correcting pigments (fade shadows), extra thin silicones (fill furrows) and Hyaluronic acid spheres which hydrate within wrinkles with a ‘replumping’ effect. Simple to use with immediate results it can be used alone or before make-up. It can also be used on male skin.

New Local Line Masker