Mineral Range

This original range based on 'Moortherapy' is comprehensive, suitable for all skin types and treatments and where appropriate is used with products from the other Rémy Laure ranges.

mineral range

Cleansing Milk

The special blend of natural ingredients is this oil-free water soluble cleanser, gently removes makeup, cleanses and purifies.

Suitable for all skin types.

cleansing milk

Cleansing Bar

Non aggressive and non alkaline (no soap).

Excellent for all skin types, gently cleanses with anti-bacterial action and respects the skin's natural pH.

cleansing bar

Cleansing Water '3 in 1'

Versatile '3 in 1' for all skin types: cleanses, purifies, stimulates. Can also be used as an eye makeup remover.

Idea for active life styles and travelling.

cleansing water

Beauty Lotion

'Moor' water rich in minerals and trace elements, this natural lotion soothes, refreshes and respects the skin's natural pH. Strengthens the benefits of our cleansing products.

beauty lotion

Lotion Jeunesse Moisturising Spray

Mineral water with Natural Moisturising Factor and plant extracts, just a spritz refreshes tired skin, essential to keep the Black Mask moist. Ideal for fixing make up and reviving tired legs.

lotion juenesse moisturising spray

Natural Mud Mask

Our initial product, 'Le Moor' harmonises with all skin types. Its unique properties (rich in botanicals, minerals and trace elements) stimulate cellular metabolism, draw our impurities, while replacing lost minerals and nutrients leaving the skin naturally fresh and purified. Particularly effective for greasy, acne and problem skins.

natural mud mask

Peeling Cream

Smooth (free from grains) exfoliating cream. Exfoliating is a vital beauty step necessary to eliminate dead skin cells, stimulate micro-circulation and oxygenate your skin leaving it soft, receptive and free from impurities.

peeling cream

Tinted Day Cream

Protective tinted cream for all skin types, contains: pearl extract (revitalising and smoothing properties), vitamin E (powerful anti-oxidant. Increases the skin's softness and elasticity), almond oil and sun filters.

tinted day cream

Visa Day Cream

Versatile, multi purpose for all skin types, UV filtering, anti ageing, stimulating, softening and calming.

10 natural active ingredients including kiwi, blueberry, cucumber, honey and apricot kernel oil.

viday day cream

Visa Night Cream

This vitamin rich cream contains 15 active ingredients: 5 minerals (balancing and healing) 4 natural oils (nourishing and anti-oxidant) 4 plant extracts (hydrating and relaxing) and 2 vitamins: B5 (regenerating), and E (anti-oxidant).

Combined with a night's rest, the many active ingredients are truly optimised leaving the skin replenished and revitalised.

Eye Gel

Oil free, revitalising, soothing, moisturising, helps smooth away fine lines/puffiness, includes extracts of wheat tea and arnica.

An ideal base for long lagsting makeup, can also be used around the lip contour.