D.N.A. Range

Used in cosmetics D.N.A. (Deoxyribonucleic acid) helps repair damage caused by the environment (sun and pollution etc), renew damaged cells and both superficially and deeply moisturise the skin. Suitable for all skin types, most effective on maturer skin.

DNA range

D.N.A. Cleansing Cream

Hydrating and purifying, it is delicate, pleasant, velvety in feel and highly effective in cleansing impurities and removal of make-up.

DNA Cleansing Cream

D.N.A. Tonic Lotion

This alcohol free lotion softens and stimulates all types of skin, an ideal complement to our cleansers.

Helps preserve the skin's natural moisture, leaving it refreshed and velvety soft.

DNA Embio Vital

D.N.A. Moisturising Mask

This creamy mask relaxes the face, brightens complexion, soothes dehydrated skin and helps smooth wrinkles.

Especially recommended after sun exposure. It also has a healing effect for oily skin.

DNA Moisturising Mask

D.N.A. Eye Mask

This perfume free mask is relaxing, smoothing and revitalising, also can be applied to the lip contour.

Its mineral and vegetable extracts help smooth the delicate skin of the eyes and the lip contour.

DNA Eye Mask

D.N.A. Eye Cream

Similar ingredients to the eye mask give a gel texture to this lovely cream.

It revitalises and tones tired eye lids, whilst the effects of arnica, calendula flower and horse chestnut help reduce rings and bags under the eyes.

DNA Eye Mask

D.N.A. Beauty Cream

Superb repairing cream for dehydrated, mature and tired skin and especially for those subjected to outdoor / active lifestyles.

Its versatility enables it to be just as effective for morning and evening use, with very fine vegetal oils, vitamin E and F that soften and regenerate the skin.

DNA Beauty Cream

D.N.A. Embio-Vital

Oil free replenishing serum with hydrating and anti-ageing effect, ideal for skin aged 25 and older.

Embio-vital helps reinforce the skin's flexibility with its hydrating and stimulating active ingredients (honey extracts, soluble collagen, wheat protein, barley and arnica extracts).

DNA Embio Vital